Adorable and Charming; Really?

27 October 2022

At the 2010 Paris Motor Show, Renault unveiled the DeZir Concept, an electric 2-seater coupé designed by Laurens van den Acker, the Dutch automobile designer.

The mid-engined supercar adorned with gullwing doors; the driver’s door opened as you would expect of a gullwing, and the passenger door, which can only be described as a ‘suicide’ gullwing door.

The idea was to preview Renault’s future design direction towards a more emotional styling. An object of motoring desire, after all, we are talking Renault.

It appears the DeZir represented one of the ‘stages of life.’ The stages: Fall in Love, Discover the World, Start a Family, Work, have Fun and become Wise.

The DeZir was the Falling in Love stage.

Also, Renault honoured the DeZir for inspiring the development of the Renault Sport RS. 01 sports car and the Alpine A110-50 concept of 2012.

DeZir means adorable and charming.

Over the years, Renault’s marketing team has provided many slogans or taglines over the years, such as Passion for Life, Cars for Living, Capture your senses, Space never looked so good, Dare to Drive and Open your Mind.

The tagline for the DeZir was ‘Drive the Change’. A fat chance of that as Renault decided not to build the DeZir.

But if they had, I am sure it would have been both adorable and charming.