A thoroughly modern Muncher

Aston Martin has recently announced their latest creation, the Valour.

Valour means, ‘great courage in the face of danger.’

Launching a V12, 750bhp motor car with a manual gearbox seems courageous in a market dominated by electrification hype.

Anyway, good on you, Aston.

With only 110 cars to be sold, I imagine Aston believes the environmental impact will be minimal, allowing them a last shot at producing the quintessential motor car with timeless elegance and enduring style.

The design extends from the one-off Victor, based on the One-77, blended with clues from the original V8 Vantage and the Vantage-influenced Le Mans race car from the 80s.

Throw in some interior style from the Le Mas DBR1 1959 and the same sense of touch from the ‘old fashioned’ gearstick; voila, we have the Valour.

Aston chairman Lawrence Stroll said, ‘a modern classic that fuses classic character with contemporary execution.’

The reason for a limited run of 110 is that it’s Aston Martins’s 110th birthday.