A Tantalising Glimpse

Ferrari Special Projects are responsible for creating one-off performance motor cars for clients.

Their most recent origination is the Ferrari KC23, a car made only for the track and based on the mechanics of the 2020 Ferrari 488 GT3 EVO.

It made its debut at the 2023 Goodwood Festival of Speed.

From the firm that declares, ‘We are the Competition’, they describe the KC23 for ‘non-competitive’ track use but hails it as “the ultimate private Ferrari”.

The KC23 has an effective active aero package incorporating motorised body panels along the side, which open and close to adjust airflow.

It sports ‘butterfly’ doors that open vertically; it has a removable rear wing and a sparse interior.

However, Ferrari has kindly fitted a passenger seat for the incredibly brave.

Fitted with an essential roll bar and a racing steering wheel equipped with no less than sixteen switches to control this one-off Prancing Horse.

Surprisingly, painted in Gold Mercury.

I say surprisingly because I still think of Ferrari as Red; anyway, Red doesn’t change colour in the sunlight, whereas Gold Mercury apparently does!

Despite the KC23 being bespoke for one valued client of Ferrari, the firm says this motor car provides a ‘Tantalising Glimpse of the Future.’