A Road-legal 1,350 hp Hypercar

17 June 2022

‘Four Italian Engineers and Two Designer produce Luxury Car Design and Prototypes. Made in Italy, our team designs and produces one-of-a-kind pieces for passionate customers and gentlemen drivers.’ – Angelelli Automobili. Formed in 2017.

Angelelli Automobili has built the 1,350 hp Superperformante D-One R. A joint project of Davide Angelelli and two professional drivers from the 24 Hours of Le Mans and GT Series.

The Superperformante D-One is said to be a road legal hypercar. To be offered in three variants – Standard, D-One S and D-One R.

There are two engine variants, a 4.0 litre twin-turbo V6 with power support from two electric motors producing a 1,000 hp and a claimed top speed of 304mph, and affectionately referred to as the standard car. The second variation uses the same 4.0 litres but produces 1,200 hp, and the third monster uses a 4.8-litre engine, producing 1,350 hp; I can only guess at the potential performance data.

The body, formed from an algorithm and 3D printed, also uses an aerobraking system to reduce speed.

The commercial ambition is to build between 8-10 cars per year; as to costs, the ’standard’ car will start from £1 million.

I am confident we will hear a lot more about Angelelli Automobili; as I say frequently, ‘watch this space.’