A Picasso for £700,000, what a bargain

13 June 2022

A Swiss start-up Supercar company, founded in 2020, Picasso Automotive, has revealed its 660 LMS.

After several years of development and extensive road and track testing of its PS-01 Prototype, Picasso Automotive has presented the production-ready version of the Picasso 660 LMS. 660 stands for the horsepower of its engine. LM indicates the Le Mans prototype-inspired body. And S is for street use.

Powering the 660 LMS is a 3.0-litre twin-turbo V6 engine supplied by Autotecnica Motori, an Italian company that develops and produces competition engines. The six-cylinder engine has been built according to Picasso’s specifications and delivers 660bhp.

The 660 LMS also features all-carbon bodywork that’s utterly devoid of angle brace or cleats and instead utilises a puzzle piece-style system that sees the panels connect via unique joints. The 660 LMS’s bodywork is also said to employ the longest carbon fibre panel ever made for a car.

The 660 is made almost entirely from carbon fibre. The company aimed to keep the weight as low as possible. The result is a mass of just 980 kg.

Company’s CEO and founder Stefano Picasso says: ‘The whole car has been engineered to maximise performance on the road and on the track. We wanted a sensational, responsive, and at the same time technical drive which can be appreciated both by professionals and amateurs.’

The Picasso is limited to just 21 units worldwide. Only 20 sold to the public; the Picasso Automotive 660 LMS Supercar is available for order now, with deliveries scheduled to begin in Q3 or Q4 of 2023.

Pricing for the 660 LMS starts at £700,000