A Pandemic By-product

29 July 2022

The pandemic has caused many a surprise; one such revelation is that Supercar ownership has soared to record highs.

UK supercar ownership reached record levels in 2021; according to UHY Hacker Young supercar sales increased by almost 20%, and the explanation, evidently, the rich and famous look to wash away pandemic blues. Wealthy buyers with money to burn after the pandemic.

Experts put the sharp increase down to a new ‘you only live once’ mindset, which wealthy individuals have adopted since Covid. The market was bolstered further by high-net-worth customers having additional savings due to lockdown restrictions on travel etc., in 2020. The result has made them more likely to buy luxury goods, with supercar dealers among those most to benefit.

A sharply recovering post-Pandemic economy and low-interest rates made supercars a more accessible purchase for some.

There have even been suggestions that some customers have spent money from Government-backed Covid loans on supercars for themselves.

In 2020 there were 14,112 supercars on the road; in 2021, 18,186.

The three most notable marques:

Ferrari 2020. 10,695 cars: 2021. 11,954 cars
Lamborghini 2020. 2,419 cars: 2021.3,849 cars
McLaren 2020. 2,099 cars. 2021. 2,367 cars.