A Meteor Explodes

The Bugatti Bolide is a quad-turbo, 8.0-litre W16 motor car for Track-only.

Bolide has several definitions; Racing Car, Missile and a giant meteor which explodes in the atmosphere all seem appropriate, given that the mid-mounted engine produces 1,578 hp.

It has had a long gestation period; the concept was unveiled in 2020, followed by an ‘announcement’ in 2021, but still no car; however, in April 2023, the almost complete motor car emerged.

Deliveries are scheduled for 2024.

All a bit academic as only 40 are to be built, and surprise, surprise, all spoken for.

As the car’s specification has few regulations to respect, it promises to be an atmospheric phenomenon appearing and disappearing as you would expect from a meteor.

At the recent Festival of Speed, one soon-be deafened spectator said of this acute visceral happening; it was a ‘unique experience’.

A unique experience indeed.

Andy Wallace, Bugatti’s test driver, was rather more descriptive.

‘Driving the Bolide at the Goodwood Festival of Speed was an experience like no other—the car’s focus, finesse, and extraordinary performance.

The Bolide’s ability to generate staggering downforce and g-forces set it apart from other hypercars, allowing drivers to feel a level of connection and excitement unparalleled in the automotive world.’

That’s more like it, Andy.