H2 Racing Truck

A Hydrogen Racing Truck. Whatever next?

A Hydrogen racing truck designed by Pininfarina is to take part in the 2022 Dakar Rally.

Gaussin is developing hydrogen-based long-haul trucking. A French company is playing up hydrogen’s excellent range figures and quick refuelling times as a benefit over heavy, slow-charging batteries. It’s developing a flexible skateboard chassis you can build all sorts of heavy vehicles on top.

Now Gaussin has announced it’s going to go racing. Intending to develop a truck to demonstrate its performance and reliability, and there’s no better torture test than 12 days of hell at the Dakar rally.

Introduce the Gaussin H2 Truck planned to enter the 2022 Dakar Rally.

As the world moves towards alternative fuel sources, Gaussin believes that hydrogen-electric trucks are the future. They plan to introduce a lineup of new generation class 8 trucks very soon. To show how tough and capable their hydrogen-electric drivetrain is, they turned to the torturous world of motorsports will test new powertrains to their limits.

Since the dawn of motorised cars, motorsports has been a platform to prove who has the most durable and fastest vehicles on the road. Today things are no different; if a truck can survive the gruelling Dakar Rally across Saudi Arabia, it should have no issue working on paved public roads at legal speeds.

The legends at Pininfarina designed the exterior of the Gaussin H2; they have created some of the most striking designs of the modern age.