A Child Swallowing Snake

Alfa Romeo is a symbol of style, Italian design and a legend in its own right.

Apart from being a significant part of Italian automobile innovation, Alfa Romeo has a rich heritage and a history as one of its longest-living Italian car manufacturers.

Alfa Romeo celebrated its 113 years on 24 June 2023.

Its logo has a fascinating story, almost as interesting as its motor cars.

For the original design, Alfa approached designer Giuseppe Merosi, and one of his young designers, Romano Cattaneo, suggested it should include the Visconti Biscione, the Visconti is a noble family.

The Biscione is a heraldic grass snake or serpent eating or giving birth to a child. Cattaneo noticed the family emblem on the Filarete Tower in Milan.

The red cross on a white background symbolises Milan.

Since 1923, Alfa Romeo also uses a Four-Leaf Clover, the Quadrifoglio, particularly within their racing division.

The Quadrifoglio was an emblem gifted by Ugo Sivocci, an Alfa racer who painted it on his race car for good luck.

Ironically, he tragically died in a racing accident the same year he first adorned his car with his ‘lucky; Quadrifoglio.

The Four-leaf clover has remained a representation of remembrance and good fortune.

Alfa Romeo has played an essential role in the Italian automotive culture for many years and has thousands of worldwide fans, known as ‘Alfisti’.

Alfa Romeo’s slogan, ‘The Mechanics of Emotion,’ perfectly describes the passion upon which this super brand is built.