The Triumph of Jabbeke

The 20th of May 2023 was the 70th anniversary of a significant speed record.

John Bolster wrote in Autosport that the TR2 was ‘the most important sports car to be introduced for some time, the first car to bring 100 mph performance within reach of the man of moderate means.’

Triumph TR2, registration MVC 575, driven by Ken Richardson, was determined to set a new top speed record for a two-litre production sports car.

The setting was the Jabbeke autoroute in Belgium.

The previous record at the same setting was held by a specially prepared Sheila van Camm Sunbeam Alpine driven by Stirling Moss—the flying mile at 119.402 and the flying kilometre at 120.132mph.

Ken Richardson and what became known as the Triumph Jabbeke achieved 124.783mph.

To ‘race prepare’ the TR2 to ‘Speed Trim’, Triumph fitted ‘a neat little aero screen and tonneau and the roof and side screens removed.’

In homage to the Jabbeke, London design house, Makkina has produced a concept, the Triumph TR25 and signifying their 25th birthday.

BMW own the name Triumph, and it seems appropriate to utilise BMW mechanics.

BMW provided the TR25 chassis, battery, and necessary running gear from their all-electric, i3S rear-drive car, which was first produced in 2013 with the end of production in 2022.