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Fisherley locates
off-market elite
motor cars

what we do

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Our Guidance

The service is relevant to a very precise niche; the private client, corporation, collector, professional agent or adviser who has an interest in difficult to locate high performance and luxury motor cars.

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Our Expertise

Why search blindly on the internet when you can be provided with a recommendation or introduction from an expert with a huge book of contacts.

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Our Objectivity

Fisherley is entirely independent and not associated with any particular supplier or dealer group. Meaning that you receive completely impartial recommendations.

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Fisherley never takes a financial interest in any motor car it presents. Meaning that opportunities introduced are completely unbiased.

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Fisherley does not collect clients’ money. Meaning you are fully protected, your contract is always with the vendor.

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Fisherley ordinarily looks to the supplier for its finders fee. Meaning transactions are transparent.

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Any information provided shall not be used to disadvantage Fisherley.

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Although the service is free to members, Fisherley does require respect for the integrity and confidentiality of the information provided, no such information is to be shared with non-members.