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Queen of the Nürburgring

The world of motoring lost an icon when Sabine Schmitz, the Queen  to her cancer battle at age 55.

Now, there’s a campaign to name a corner at the Nürburgring in honour of the great lady.

The campaign is in the form of a petition run by

So far, there are over 25,000 signatures; Dale Lomas (AKA. ‘The very useful car guy’), based at the ‘Ring’ confirmed, in an official statement, the Nürburgring management declared an intent to honour Sabine’s memory.

Whilst it’s still too soon to say which corner could get Sabine’s name, Lomas lists eight candidates in his blog post announcing the campaign. He says there are lots of turns at the ‘Ring without a title, so there are plenty of prospective choices.

Sabine grew up in Nürburg, so the ‘Ring’ was nearby for her entire life. Her family owned a hotel and restaurant in the town, used by many famous race drivers.

In 1996, she became the first woman to take an overall win in the Nürburgring 24 Hours and followed it with another win in 1997. In 1998, she became the first woman to win the VLN Endurance Championship series title.

She became even better known as one of the BMW Ring Taxi drivers, taking paying members of the public for an ‘entertaining’ lap of the Nürburgring; there are numerous video recordings these events and worth watching.

Having coached Jeremy Clarkson on how to achieve a fast lap (driving a Jaguar S-type Diesel) on Top Gear in 2016, she was offered the opportunity of joining the show as a host.

Queen of the Nürburgring

Lewis Hamilton is set to restructure his close-knit management team, following long-time right-hand man Marc Hynes departing.

Since their junior racing days, Lewis and Marc have been friends, Marc, a former British Formula 3 champion.

Unfortunately, just ahead of the new season, Hynes has elected to pursue other interests, forcing Lewis to change how he does things.

Last month, the world champion signed a 10-month deal with Mercedes when signing a multi-year contract was expected. It has raised serious questions over whether he will retire at the end of the current season.

There’s speculation that Hamilton’s recently sealed one-year deal with Mercedes – in which Hynes was not involved – may have incited the driver and his close advisor to review their working relationship.

Hynes was also expected to oversee the day-to-day running this year of Hamilton’s X44 team, set to take part in the upcoming Extreme E all-electric off-road series, starting next month in Saudi Arabia.

Although the pair have gone their separate ways, Hamilton insists the parting was fully amicable.

‘Marc is one of my best friends and remains one of my best friends,’ said Hamilton. ‘He’s moving on to do some other great things.’

Aston Martin Vantage F5 Edition

To celebrate Aston Martin entering the pinnacle of motor racing for the first time in 60 years, they have launched the Aston Martin Vantage F1 Edition.

The new release comes just weeks after the automaker was unveiled as the Official Safety Car of Formula 1, set to debut at the Formula 1 Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix 2021, 28 March 2021.

New CEO Tobias Moers personally took up the task of ‘leading the performance enhancements, designed to improve lap time performance and successfully carry out its role on the F1 track.’

Additionally, he wanted to achieve a production car without compromising its on-road competence.

‘Performance is at the heart of every Aston Martin, but when it wears an F1 badge, it has to be a truly exceptional car,’ Moers said. ‘Vantage was already the most focused sports car in our range, but in the development of our Official Safety Car of Formula 1, it had to be a true athlete: more powerful; more agile; more immediate and more exciting to drive. And – of course – quicker and more capable in a race-track environment.’

This statement and inference the Vantage is now established as a true sports car may upset existing owners who were under the impression they had a ‘True Sports 

The F1 Edition is fitted with a 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 engine and 21″ wheels, a first for the Vantage and shod with tyres specially designed by Pirelli.

The Aston Martin Vantage F1 Edition is on sale now and is priced from £152,000 in the UK, with deliveries scheduled to begin in May 2021.

Lamborghini SC30 is 759HP of Unrestrained Attitude

Based around the existing Aventador V12 sports car and its carbon-fibre chassis, the SC20 is essentially a roofless high-speed track machine.

For their second ‘one-off’, the motorsport department of Lamborghini and the Centro Stile in Sant’Agata Bolognese created an open-top track car approved for road use.

Two years after the SC18 Alston, which was also approved for the road but primarily designed for the track, designed by Mitja Borkert of Lamborghini Centro Stile, explained, he drew inspiration from the Diablo VT Roadster, Aventador J, Veneno Roadster and Concept S.

He says the net result is ‘a dramatic combination of creativity and racing attitude.’

The SC20 sports twenty-inch wheels in the front and 21-inch wheels in the rear. The rear carbon wing can be set in three positions: low, medium, and high. The interior is upholstered in a mix of Alcantara, leather and carbon fibre.

The SC20 has a 6.5-litre V12 engine that produces 759 hp, a seven-speed gearbox with a central electronic differential distributing power to all wheels. Lamborghini claims the SC20 will have a 0 to 60 time of 2.5 seconds.

As of yet, Lamborghini hasn’t said anything about pricing; however, their first one-off build, the SC18 Aston, sold for £3.62 million; I would imagine similar or greater pricing for the MC20.

Bugatti, Porsche & Rimac.

Bugatti now under the Porsche brand; a joint venture with Rimac is possible.

On 15 March at the Volkswagen’ Power Day’ event, CEO Herbert Diess confirmed that Bugatti will become a Porsche subsidiary and that talks are on between hyper-EV specialist Rimac and Porsche in respect of a joint venture that would lead to a future Bugatti product.

In 2020, talks were underway between Volkswagen and Rimac over Bugatti’s future, with the former offering to relinquish ownership of Bugatti in exchange for a greater stake in Rimac.

However, they failed to come to fruition, and in February 2021, Volkswagen subsidiary Porsche spent more than £60.2 million to increase its stake in the Croatian EV manufacturer Rimac from 15.5% to 24%.

Deiss said, ‘The whole thing isn’t yet finalised. What we want to do is transition the responsibility of Bugatti to Porsche, and Porsche in all probability will establish a joint venture with Rimac, with a minority share of Porsche.’

With the imminent end of internal combustion is a cause of worry even for the most exotic car manufacturers, the Bugatti Chiron, with its quad-turbocharged W-16 engine, is sure to suffer. Bugatti chief Stefan Winkelmann believes that instead of creating a hybridised architecture, the company should make a direct switch to full electrification.

The Rimac C_Two comes with an all-wheel-drive system and claims to offer 1,888hp of maximum power and a top speed of 258mph; this could be the forefront for an all-electric Bugatti hypercar.

Pagani Huayra R is a Track-only 850bhp V12 hypercar

Using a naturally-aspirated V12 engine producing 850hp.

The V12 engine isn’t sourced from Mercedes-AMG this time, but its racing division’s part supplier HWA AG, a German company based in Affalterbach.

It’s a specially-built motor claimed to be the lightest, most powerful and efficient track-ready V12 ever created. Horacio Pagani says ‘the new engine had to have the charm, romance, sound and simplicity of the F1 engines of the 1980s while incorporating state-of-the-art technology available today.’

The engine produces a massive 850hp at 8250rpm; the power is directed to the rear wheels through a tailor-made six-speed non-synchronised dog-ring sequential gearbox. The engine is 198kg lighter than the AMG V12 it replaces. The whole car weighs only 1,050Kg.

Being a track car, the cabin is focused on the driver’s cockpit with every essential control available to the driver. This includes traction control, ABS map selection, paddle-shifters, radio communication, secondary controls are fitted on the centre console alongside HD, customisable display to monitor vehicle status integrating onboard telemetry logs all vehicle data.

Just 30 units will be made, priced at £2.24 Million plus tax.

The Pagani Huayra R will be presented to potential clients through ‘Arte In Pista’ (art on the track) events. These track events will be held across internationally renowned circuits to group events, tailor-made for clients.

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